Always Another Angle

This is in reply to the previous chapter by Lexiehar with this phrase of uncommon wisdom: Those who criticize our generation forget who raised it.

Though I agree with just about everything mentioned in her wisdom, her opinion got me to thinking. I know that is seldom a good thing. Opinions are often abused. (That sounds like a word of wisdom!)

I've been thinking of a simple way to describe what was missing. I thought of a few, but none seem to describe it as good as I would like. Here's they are:

  • There's always another angle.
  • Things are never as simple as ....
  • Don't put all the blame on the scapegoat.
  • Everyone teaches everyone else.
  • The Old can learn from the Young.
  • Many rivers come together to empty into the sea.
  • Education can go both ways.

I like that last one because it puts the blame on both parties, I think. Yes, each generation has its problems, but education can go both ways.

The current generation of young people (I'm probably a little too old to be counted among them) has learned its bad ways from the previous generation. But, that isn't the only source. Many rivers come together to empty into the sea.

Things are not as simple as blaming your parents for how you turn out. You make many of your own decisions, good and bad. You can have the worst parents in the world and yet you turn out fine. How does that happen? You certainly can't blame your parents in that case. Well, you can't put all the blame on any one person when life gives you lemons. Take some responsibility and move on.

The End

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