The Simple Ignored

The simplist explanation is usually ignored.

Okay, the one example I thought of here is a little touchy for some people, so I would like to apologize early on.

I personally do not believe in the trinity, the religious (Christain) doctrine stating that the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (Ghost) are all Almighty God. It comes in various forms, but that is the most simplist explanation.

I view the trinity as an overly complicated doctrine, one that gets more complicated with almost every bible verse you add to the mix.

How I view the relationship of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, how they interact and exist is much more simple. But, the simple is ignored by so many people.

  • Fathers are older than sons.
  • Fathers are wiser than their sons (mostly because they have lived longer).
  • Fathers teach their sons many things.
  • Sons are younger than their father.
  • Sons can learn from their father.
  • Sons are (should be) obdient to their father.

These listed above are how the Father and Son are described in the bible (depending on how you view certain passages, of course). What is the simplist explanation? IS it that they are the same person? I think not!

There is much that can be said for this arguably non-Bible teaching, but I will leave it at what I have mentioned above.

From my perspective, though, the nature of God is simple, but people make it complicated by ignoring the simplist explanation.


The End

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