Meaning can be found in Meaninglessness.


I wrote down my first three "words" of wisdom, and the other two I can remember how they are wise, but this one eludes me for the moment. But, I wanted it to be first, so here it is. Soon, hopefully, I will think of an example ... as I did the other day.


(Some time later ... after writing the next two chapters)

Okay, I remember now.

My co-worker and I were talking the other day about the zodiac and horoscopes. She believed that there was something to it, that although the local horoscope in the newspaper was often meaningless, there was something to be said for the concept in general. Thousands of years of record keeping and observation couldn't be completely wrong, she reasoned.

I don't buy that. I think someone can find meaning in the meaningless. I will even go a step further and purpose that society fits us into these blocks that most by nature will conform to. For example, if you are a libra, you will act like a libra. This is reinforced from the time we are young, and we soon begin to believe it, acting in accord with what we have been taught ...  though the initial meaning came from meaninglessness.

The End

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