Words Hurt

Popularity is a competition and if you don't win it then people give you a special name: unpopular. Then after that you are put into 'groups' or 'sections' where the boys put down your confidence and make you feel alone because they think they can get any girl and that you aren't pretty enough for their 'level'. They toss around ugly words,yep you've heard them before,and to them it's nothing,because they aren't the people that keep getting hit by these words. And the 'popular' girls walk round with there Paul Boutique bags and coats thinking they are everything,showing off and wearing more make up than clothes. Their faces are smeared orange and their lips are stained red or pink from the amount of lipstick being rubbed on their lips. But that's what popular is now,that's the way you make friends. Or as I like to call it 'buying' friends. There is so much a person can take or torment and hurt before they fall. So why be judgemental to a person you've only seen but not even met,why jump to conclusions,why be the bully?

The End

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