This won't be a typical "Dear so and so", this is more personal.

What exhilarates you? Is it receiving something you longed for, a peculiar pastime? Or is it a passion you that you just can't seem to hold on to?

Singing is easy, you say. Just an everyday thing. I live to sing. Without music I am lost, clueless. I despise climbing out of the car mid-phrase. Have you walked the entire length of a hallway singing?

What drives you? Someone you love, that certain object you cherish? Or is it a hobby that you pour all your emotion into? Just like most of you inspirational writers out there.

In my case, I succumb to the power of music's rhythmic vibrations. The calming words. The looming clouds of emotion.

Do you ever desire individuality? To finally break out of your shell?

It is not easy. The world is a dangerous place, more hostility then warmth. It is where fear lurks; the bloodhound nearly tearing into your heels. Therefore, I am afraid to sing.

Understanding is never easy, but I hope this helps.

The End

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