Chapter 5 (not finished!)

"Come on. Lets go back." He says. "Now, I'm going to have to walk for you, aren't I?" He sighs. He hates going slow, everyone knew he always moved fast. He starts strolling north.
"How far away are we?" I ask. I must've ran quite far, I loved exploring the woods when I was small, but I had never seen this part before. The trees seem thinner, as though deprived of rain and sun.
"We crossed over the border, we are in Noland now." That would explain it. Nothing lives in Noland. Not even plants, people or even those of his race. We only see these trees because we have only just crossed the border. Even so they seem sick, having never seen life before, they seem to dance for us, bending in the wind as they shake their last dying leaves.

The End

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