Chapter 4

"What do you mean?" I say slowly, staring.
"My blood is in your veins, Dante. You just need to realise how to use the powers."
I take a deep breath and think about it.
I could save everyone from him...

You can't kill him!

Why not?

Hes your father!

Hes killed before...

You would regret it.

He doesn't so why should I?

You're not like him!

Apparently I am.

The two voices argue and argue. They fill my head with shouting and screaming. I block my ears but it doesn't stop. Its all getting too much.

I take a deep breath. I start humming a tune, I make it up as I go. The humming makes me feel better and I stop and turn back to him.

"Ok. First, how do I know I can trust you?" I ask.
"Come on, Dante. We are family." He smiles.
"And... I thought you wanted to die anyway?" He continues.
I squint as the sun comes out from behind the grey clouds. Finally, sun.

The End

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