Chapter 2

He knows what hes doing. He knows I'm not scared, but terrified. If I run he will know, kill me like a bullet. Hes building suspence just to tear me down. I can almost hear him counting down inside his evil mind.

Eventually it all gets too much and I let out a shout. Maybe he won't need to kill me, the suspence is powerful enough.
"Whats with all the noise?" A sharp voice hisses behind me. I look into the eyes of him... of it.
I just stand there, unable to move or speak. He glides round me, almost inspecting me.
Finally the lump from my throat goes.
"Why haven't you killed me?" I swallow. "You said it would be quick and painless." I don't look him in the eye, but tears fall down mine.
"Oh, Dante." He sighs. "You always were simple minded. I thought you would be old enough by now to see..." I don't understand what he means. See what?
"See what?" I'm getting a bit more confident now, I think he sees this, for he has stopped moving around me and has sat down on a fallen tree, but hes still eyeing my suspicsiously.
"Yourself." He answers simply, although its not simple, what does he mean? I don't take my blue eyes off his red ones.
Hes enjoying this, getting me confused and annoyed. He smiles viciously and cocks his head to the left. Then he continues:
"You always thought you were a petty little human. Just waiting to die. You arranged this meeting so you could "hurt no one more" I believe you said. Now, Dante, how did you hurt them?" This burns my heart.
"I already had to live through them once! Don't make me think about them again!" I yell at him. He feels no threat and looks amused at my outburst. I sink to my knees, shaking, this is all too much.

"I see that you want me to end it now. Your life. Well, I will... In a minute. There is something I need to tell you." His voice has changed, before it was as cold and sharp as ice, now it is a smooth, comforting tone. Suddenly, hes in front of me and I look up into his eyes, no longer are they red as the blood that will soon be spilled, but a calming blue.

The End

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