I don't know how long I've been standing here, alone in the dark, alone in the woods. I can feel his presence, he would soon do what I am dreading. But I am too terrified to move, I feel his red eyes burning into the back of my neck. Suddenly a breath. I spin round feeling my neck where the hot breath had been released.

A crunch of leaves makes me turn. A squirrel freezes as I point my sword at its alarmed face, it scurries quickly away, something I wish I could do.
I look up at the skyscraping trees, each one twirling within the next, but this is no time to admire the giants of the forest.

I can hear shouting in the distance, shouting what? I don't know. The shouting stops and a scream echos. Its him. But he is agile, he will be back here in a matter of seconds.

Pain and anger course through my veins. He is close again. Very close now.
Maybe today will be that day...

The End

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