Siblings of the Dark

Morrigan awoke and found herself in a barren field, and she immediately began to look around. She saw her brother, sitting down, almost looking like he was crying. She walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

"What is it, brother? Why do you look so sad?" She asked, somewhat teasingly, but she was honestly concerned about him.

Xeranad sighed. "I'm trying to figure out why my heart aches with such a void... it's almost as if my transformation into this form isn't complete. Like the very sorrow that gave rise to my birth is the very thing that prevents my completion. Why?"

"The woman again?" Morrigan asked, contempt in her voice. "Why does she continue to haunt you? It's as if you haven't accepted her death yet."

"I HAVE." Xeranad answered. "But he hasn't."

"You mean, your former self?"

"He is resisting my takeover with all his might. It's really annoying. My emotions run rampant, and I have a hard time understanding which emotions belong to me... and which belong to him." Xeranad responded.

"I understand what you mean... I can feel the original Morrigan trying to break out inside me, but no matter how much she tries, it does little good. Still, I can sense something in her heart that wasn't there when I was tormenting her with my voice." Morrigan answered, her wings opening up.

"And that is?" Xeranad asked, somewhat interested.


"Pheh. What use is such a thing as hope? All it does is make it more devastating when the fall comes." Xeranad responded, disgusted.

"Yet, it remains. Why won't her hope die?"

"Let us ask ourselves that question when we've dealt with the fools who banished us," Xeranad commanded. "We're heading back, now that your strength has returned."

"Glad to hear it," Morrigan smiled, her teeth like razor points. "I will enjoy feasting on their blood and flesh!"

"As I look forward to their anguished cries of pain and sorrow!"

Morrigan took flight, and Xeranad turned into a shadow, gliding silently across the ground. They sped towards Echo Falls...

And they intended to leave no survivors.

The End

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