We made pretty good time to echo falls, but it looked like we were to late as a courtyard was covered in blood, flesh, bone, and crows. The two girls gasped at the ghastly sight.

"What happened?" Kariana said breaking the silence.

"Kahner, and morrigan." The obsurd looking said behind us taking some of us by surprise.

"Where are they now?" I asked.

"I sent them away for the time being boy."

"The names Apex." I said calmly.

"Apex." He corrected himself seeing my overall look at him, " I know I look strange but is rude to stare, Apex. My name is  Y'turo Kljah Ghrou Du'Ish'Bqualv. But you can call me Y'turo, anything that you want to call me."

"I'm sorry. I will stick with Y'turo, I think sorry if I can't remember the rest."

"Where did you send them?" Terla said.

" I sent them far away but they will be back. I have got a messenger to get everyone to evacuate the area, and those who can fight to begin working on defences." Y'turo explained.

" I see, I beleive we should help then."

"Yes, Also I think that we might have dark mages quickly surrounding this area." Y'turo.

"Guess we have no other choice than to fight!" I said feeling my own magic beginiing to gather from anticipation. The sword on my back began to glow a furious red on my back. Just as a dark portal opened above the city, and enemy forces flooded the areas around echo falls. There was no where to run,  only one option and that was to fight.

"I'll try to deal with outside threats quickly by forming a violent impenetrable wall of raging fire." I pledged.

The End

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