Erase All First Impressions

                Suddenly, Morrigan plopped down from the sky.

                “Sister, what’s the matter? Eaten too much?” Xeranad asked teasingly, though he knew that there was a threatening reason for her fall.

                She struggled to get up, as if she didn’t want to. “Brother… I don’t feel so well.”

                Xeranad went up to and helped her up. Morrigan was a bit wobbly on her feet, with a downcast look on her face. It didn’t take a genius to figure out somebody was targeting them.

                On pure feeling, Xeranad took his “sister” and leaped high in the air and fired a shadow bolt at a window that was covered by drapes. To his surprise, his attack vanished, as if being sucked into something. Focusing a little more, he could see a small black dot where the bolt vanished, a thin trail leading to somewhere above them.

                Immediately Xeranad fired an energy sphere above him, before even turning around. After he did so, he looked just in time to see the spell being led away from his target before Y’turo belly flopped on the two of them.

                Before crashing with the two Dark Mages, the giant retracted his arms and pushed himself away and somehow pulled himself towards a plant. Before Xeranad and Morrigan hit the ground, the former seemed to completely stop themselves and turned upright, barely even having to land. He looked at Y’turo.

                He wasn’t smiling, but he wasn’t frowning. All he had on was a poker face, standing so erect it would be a wonder if he could ever bend his back again. His green glow now radiated with intensity. On his hands he wore gloves with wands sticking out at each finger.

                He spoke. “I had known you for not even more than a day, and yet I never would have expected this monstrosity of you, Kahner. For sooth.” Y’turo didn’t even acknowledge Morrigan.

                “You should know well to expect anything in this world, Y’turo,” Xeranad replied, setting Morrigan down, and drawing his blade, readying himself for combat.

                “And that is exactly what I shall do.” The anomaly started drawing in mid-air with his wand-gloves, making green trails that resembled something of a science graph mixed with alchemy. He finished drawing, and then he bowed, with both his hands this time, and boomed, “INVOKE.” It took no more than three seconds.

                Right then, the Dark Knight felt his arms and legs bind together by a behemoth force. He fell to the ground and struggled, but to no avail. He looked up and glared at Y’turo, who had already approached him and had started drawing around him. “What the hell did you do?”

                “I have bound your being with your own power. I thank you for having such tremendous power, though, otherwise you would more able to break free of the spell,” he stated. He finished his graph around the Dark Lord, and drew a simple line and circle to Morrigan.

                He turned his backs to the two of them and bowed. “Invoke.” The next second, the two Dark Mages were gone. Y’turo knew that teleporting them was just a scotch tape solution, and that they would soon be back. However, he had to take the time to warn any and all nearby civilians of the danger that would befall them, if they did not evactuate.

                Luckily, a mail runner came up to him, aghast at the scene that surrounded him. Y’turo quickly and bluntly told him the horrors that could unfold upon the public, as well as instructions to help evacuate everybody within a couple of kilometers as well as tell any magic user to come by Echo Falls to fight.

                The anomaly could only think of this as a one-day war, and at the end of it, he could only hope that the two Dark Mages would die with them only losing half their team members. If he could get any at all.

The End

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