Morrigan's First Meal.

Anyone who was in Echo Falls would hear the sickening crunch crunch noise that rang in the air. Dead bodies with terrified expressions on their faces littered the grounds of the guild.

'Sister, have you eaten your fill yet?' Xeranad's voice called from a blood-splattered building.

'Brother! I've been trapped in that pure, wretched body for seventeen years. I do not intend to stop eating until my lips are stained bright red.' Morrigan mumbled though a mouthful of flesh, bit of fat and muscle dribbling off her chin as she did so.

'If we stay here any longer, people will come and find us. I cannot be bothered to fight. I want to go to sleep, then we shall take out as many guilds as possible the next day.' Xeranad sighed, walking out of the house, his armour clanking. Morrigan wiped her mouth as he walked towards her, quickly swallowing the "food" that was stuffed in her mouth.

She licked her fingers and nodded at her brother, 'fine. We'll go. But tomorrow I call shotgun on the children. Their body is much more tender and easy on the stomach.' Morrigan smiled, wiping the mess off her body and face.

She beat her gigantic, black wings and hovered a good ten metre's in the air, still cross legged.  Xeranad walked and Morrigan followed, he picked up a bone off the floor and licked it, he shuddered and tossed it aside.

'Don't waste food, brother!' Morrigan teased, spitting down saliva onto the floor.

'I prefer female meat, preferably virgin. But with the crazy girls around in these pathetic times, they are rare to come by.' Sighed Xeranad.

Morrigan cackled madly from the sky, her freaky laugh echoed across the guild, bouncing off the walls making it sound like there were a million of her.

Xeranad chuckled at his (in his opinion) "cute" little sister. She was going to make a fine dark mage he was sure of that, his twisted affection brough images of another younger girl to his eyes.

Flaming red hair, huge green eyes. He blinked at they were gone. Morrigan looked at her brother, confused. 

'Onwards, then, sister! I'm tired!' He boomed, quickly striding out of the devastated Echo Falls. Morrigan beat her wings faster to catch up.

This taking over the magical world, no! The whole world was going to be fun!!

The End

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