Dreams of Memories



The scream was filled with magic, and there was no way to defend one self against it. My consciousness was slipping away as I sailed backwards through the air,  tried to fight the oncoming darkness overlapping my consciousness but all I was doing was moving my arm hopelessly as I hit the ground, then reality faded away.

"Apex!" A voiced called as the darkness blurred into a dream, a dream of memories.

"Yes father?" I replied walking through the front door, my face covered in ash, and my hands burnt from practising.

" I have something important to show you." He said with serious tone. At the time I was 13 with high hopes of becoming a hero, and a Savior to all. My family was known throughout the west as great fire experts and all those who belonged to my family had a natural talent for creating flames. But I was the odd one, I was not as skilled in fire as my older brother nor my younger sister but I did however have other talents. This however made me the black sheep of the family I was looked down upon by my father, and my mother. So I was surprised by the fact my father was giving me direct attention.

"What would that be, father?"

"Come with me." He said brushing past my older brothers whos arms had been burnt  black somehow.

" Are you alright Noveron?" I asked.

"Never you mind!" He spat at me. I missed it when he didn't understand the looks that our parents gave me, I missed it when he stood up for me, now he is just like the rest of the family.

" Apex I want you to know only certain members in our family ever enter this room,  a family member like yourself should just be very grateful for even knowing of its existence, but today you will have the honour to enter." He said with unsurity in his voice.

"I will not abuse such a privilege." I said happily thinking that I had finally done something right. My father pressed his hand on red wall with a drawing of a dragon warrior fighting golden dragon of Centurion. I remembered the tail very well of the man who slayed all the dragons of the land. I hated him, never did in his tales did he give a reason to slay them all.  The golden drawings began to glow red moments after my father pressed his hand on the wall. The wall slid backwards an lifted itself up revealing a golden room with five pillars lining each side of the room. The rooms walls were decorated with armour weapons, and dragon skins, but most of all the gleaming crimson sword laid across the alter was the centre of attention.

"This is the room of Dragon warriors, Apex only those that sword accepts can be the dragon warrior."

"You mean dragon slayer." I say as politely as I can.

"That term is befitting." He replied not angry by such a comment," Apex many generations before you have tried to wield that blade all have failed, even your brother before you today failed. I have little expectation you will succeed, so go ahead pick up the sword."

That comment pissed me off, he didn't believe in me, well maybe my chance was here to show him that I am stronger than him, and everyone else in this family. I ran towards the sword with no fear and grabbed it by the hilt, and swung it down  towards him and held it still. For the first time in my life I saw my fathers smile. However the moment was  very small as the sword began to glow red, and tendrils of magic wrapped around my arm.  That was the day the sword and I were bonded by ancient and unbreakable magic.  And since that day I could only wield the sword for only about a minute and a half before collapsing.


The dream faded away as I awoke with the same red tendrils wrapping around my arm, the sword was glowing once again, my wounds from the battle with the freak were gone, and the wounds I should have gotten from the scream that girl did should also be apparent but I was as good as new.  I got up feeling stronger than I ever did before.  I unsheathed the sword not feeling the drain that I used to feel from it. Why now had the sword reawakened? Was it because I came near death? Or was it something else? Did this mean I could use it?  To test this I concentrated my magic and swung the sword down I could feel fire building up but when I looked at the blade and stopped the flames dispersed pathetically. I tried again a few times only with same effects. Frustrated I sheathed the blade now I can wield the damned heavy thing, but I could not use the magic that it held neither could I use my own to make my attacks ten times more devastating!

I clenched my fist which burst into flames, I wanted to punch something but the forest had been knocked down.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed throwing the punch the flames acting just as my emotions did exploded making a massive trench in the compacted ground before exploding sending heated debris everywhere.

I felt much better now that I had released some of my anger on something, now maybe I should do something more productive with my time. Like finding out where everyone was, which shouldn't be too hard since most of the forest was now cleared thanks to screaming girl of death.  I looked around seeing nothing, however I did't find anyone I was found by Kariana, and someone from the order of healing.

"Hey look someone is over there!" I heard Kariana yell before they both ran over to me.

"You must be Apex." The girl from Order said.

"Have you seen the others, like Y'turo, morrigan, or the Black Knight?" Kariana asked

"No if I did I would be with them now, but I don't think they are here any longer." As if on cue in the distance the sound of the scream emanated. We all looked at eachother and understood we had to go towards that scream, which funny enough came from echofalls.


The End

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