What Happened?

I got up. Where had everyone gone? We had been walking along when suddenly there was this terrible keening sound and I woke up somewhere in the forest. I must have been blasted away. I healed myself and tried to make my way back to the path. As I walked I wondered. What had just happened? Where was everyone? Had we been attacked? I saw someone walking far off and called to them. 

"Hey! Hey!" The person turned around and I saw that it was the new girl. 

"Karianna, what is going on?"

"I don't know. Morrigan screamed and... and... Well, I'm not sure."

I noticed that she had some partially healed cuts and scraps. "Want me  to help you heal that?"

She held out her hand and I took it. "You're from the Order of Healers?"

Yeah. I'm taking a bit of a leave. There. Now shall we find the others?" 

"I was just in the middle of it."

We searched the area, calling out their names. 

I shaded my eyes. "Where could they be?" 

Karianna pointed. "There is someone over there!"

The End

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