Destruction. Attack.


Everything was blurry. Then black. Then blurry again. Then I realised: it was me. I was blinking - that was the blurriness, and the blackness was my eyes closing. But why? Why was everything blurry? And why was I so disorientated?

With a start, it all came flooding back into me. We were walking along, Morrigan trailing behind when she suddenly picked up her pace and walked in front of us. With her dull green hair blowing in the slight breeze and her eyes with no emotion but a hint of anger, she screamed. It wasn't a thrilling scream like when you're on a rollercoaster though, no, this scream was full of emotion - anger, sadness, confusion, fustration, any bad feelings that Morrigan had in her were let out, or, at least, that's how it sounded. The next thing I knew, I had a stabbng pain in my back and then it went black.

Now that my vision and orientation were back, I tried standing up. I stood up all right, but only for a couple of seconds. I needed something to hold on to. Y'turo would be a lot of help right now, I thought with a small smile. My smile soon vanished. Y'turo. Gwen. Aria. Alex. They were gone. It wasn't really a surprise, I mean, there were no trees or any sign of life within about 10 metres from me.

After attempting to heal myself, my first personal mission was to find them.

The End

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