Morrigan's Kin

Morrigan looked at Xeranad with a curious expression on her face. The girl who once had no emotion to name, was brimming with a twisted happiness. She grinned, her whole set of teeth showing.

'Brother. You finally came.'Morrigan croaked. 

Somewhere deep, deep inside of the Crow Child Morrigan, the true Morrigan was crying as she was slowly devoured by the Crow Child's soul. 

'I came due to pointless anguish over a women I could not care less for.' Xeranad gunted, standing on pieces of shattered mirror as he made his way to his sister.

'You cried. Something about that ugly being must have touched your heart.' Morrigan snickered, stretching out her giant wings. A few feathers fell to the floor as she did so.

'I wonder why Alexander was so attached to him.'

'Well, that does not matter now, brother. Were back to our original forms and it feels amazing. But I'm hungry.' Morrigan pouted.

'Well, finding food is easy enough, we'll find you someone to eat when we get out of this wretched place. It stinks of happiness!' Xeranad shuddered, a smile bubbled up from beneath his mask, a evil glint in his eye, 'or, we could fill this guild with anguish, sadness and fear?'

'You mean I can eat what I like, brother? Anything?' Morrigan looked up, her eyes huge and insane with hunger.

Xeranad nodded, poking Morrigan's forehead. She snap around and exited the cramped room swiftly.

 The older brother slowly walked out after the younger sibling who was already a good ten metres in the air. 

As Morrigan's wings beat, she washed terror upon the guild. She smiled widely. It was good to be back and more powerful that ever.

The Crow Child opened her mouth and began to scream. 

The End

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