The Lord of Darkness Eternal

Alexander awoke, having sensed a terrifying presence not so far away... in the direction of Echo Falls. His body began to tremble, and that same, taunting voice returned.

"Looks like the Crow Child has finally been freed from the bonds of flesh. All that leaves is you, oh dark master. What will you do? Challenge her? Protect the one you love? By the time you reach her, it'll be too late. If you wish to spare yourself the pain, turn around now."

"Silence." Alex said, more than a little angry. If Morrigan was indeed the Crow Child... then her silence now made sense. The power of her scream... he looked at his comrades, knocked out from the force of the sound, and saw them breathing. They would be fine... but Gwendolyn and Aria...

He headed straight for Echo Falls.


Gwendolyn sat on a bed, brushing Aria's lovely red hair. The people here were very nice to her, gave her this room for her, her daughter, and her wonderful husband, Alex. She decided to have the both of them look best for when he returned to her side. She smiled at the thought. After living an incredibly hard life, being treated as less than dirt, spat on... he came to her, and gave her what she needed: love. This was the least she could do for him.

There was a knock at the door, and Aria squealed. "Mommy, Daddy's here!" She ran up and opened the door...

Standing there was not Alexander, but instead... a woman with feathers covering her body, wings growing out of her back, and strange, mismatched eyes, one green, one red. Gwendolyn stood up, a little terrified, but suddenly realized who it was.

"Morrigan? What... what happened to you?"

Morrigan didn't respond... she only raised her scythe above her head, a dark expression spread across her face.


Alexander arrived just in time to see a bloodied Gwendolyn on the ground, and Alex felt something inside him snap. The taunting voice returned at this point, as if mocking his sorrow.

"Aww... look what she did. Look what she did to poor, poor Gwendolyn. You knew this would happen, you knew she would be taken from you one day... yet you clung to her like a child holds on to a teddy bear during a storm... how utterly pathetic."

Tears streamed down his face as he walked up to Gwendolyn's torn body. She was still breathing, but only barely. He looked into her lovely sapphire eyes, and saw her smile at him.

"You... came for me..." She spoke in a whisper. She held his hand, and blood trickled down her mouth as the two of them kissed. "I'm... sorry. I... don't know what happened to... Aria..."

Another piece of his heart fragmented, and the voice laughed in his head. "So much for solace in having your daughter! When everything you have is taken from you, you truly are a wretched sight!"

A portal opened beneath Gwendolyn's body and started to drag her into the darkness, Alexander doing his best to hold on, but it was no use. Gwendolyn continued to smile at him, and closed her lovely blue eyes as she said: "This wasn't your fault..." just as her entire being was completely enclosed by the darkness.

Alex shook his head. He looked up, and saw Morrigan standing there, smiling. A feeling of absolute hatred burned through his body, and he stood up, turned away from Morrigan, and was face to face with his own reflection in a mirror. His hair had turned white, and his irises were as white as pearls, his eyeballs as black as the midnight. His body trembled with anger and sadness... he was an emotional powder keg... and this just lit the fuse.

He slammed his fist into the mirror, unable to take it, unable to even look at himself. He fell to the ground, crying.

Then, he began to laugh. A twisted, maniacal laugh. Nothing made sense to him anymore. Life no longer meant anything to him, happiness only a dream. The darkness surrounded him, his armor becoming white and a cloak of shadows wrapped itself around his shoulders. In his hands was a sword that looked like it had been forged in Hell, and his face was masked, showing everyone the face of Destruction... the face of Divine Wrath.

The face of Xeranad Lekard, the Lord of Darkness Eternal.

He turned once again to Morrigan, and behind his mask a wicked smile spread across his face, shining in his eyes like ecstatic glee. "Come, sister... it's about time to show them who truly rules this world, don't you think?"

The End

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