Morrigan's Last Sane Kill

"In punishment for killing three members of Echo Falls, I, the Grand Mage, give you a limit of three hundred killings of mages and zero deaths of this guild as a limit. When we exceed this limit, of three hundred killings, a decade of becoming your inner being. If both of these occur. You shall expect a eternity in the form of a Crow Child. Dismissed."

"Witch." "Evil!" "Witch!" "Freak!" "Crow Child!" "Stay away from us!"

~~~The start of a lifetime of agony~~


Morrigan stood up, panting, she looked around and her expression became pained. Destruction was all around her. Tree's flattened, the ground had massive cracks in. She felt like crying. But her eyes had not shed a single tear since the day of the trail.

Her comrades had been thrown far away, but they were alive. She could feel their presence. All of them were alive. 

But one was missing. Alexander's presence was gone. Maybe he'd gone back to the guild just in the nick of time. Lucky him, Morrigan thought.

She sat down and twisted her fingers around and around, forcing the environment back to it's original form, flipping the tree's back up and pressing the ground back together. This took up a fair bit of Morrigan's thinning energy.

She stood up, swaying a little. Morrigan patted her belt-line. Her sythe was still safe and sound. Good, Morrigan thought fondly.

And with that, she took off full-pelt back to her home, Echo Falls.

When she finally arrived, a cold presence slipped into her radar. She flipped out her sythe and popped it out, raising it in a threatening manner.

Someone evil and somewhat familiar appeared in front of her.

'You. . .' Morrigan croaked with fear, for the first time ever, she was frozen with fear. This person, this thing, terrified her.


It was. . .

Alexander. But. . this must be. . . his darkest form. .  . Xeranad Lekard. The dark mage of Alexander.

Morrigan swooped in, slicing his head clean off. Morrigan frowned, why did she do that so easily? He wouldn't.  .

'Gah!' Morrigan coughed in horror. Laying dead in front of her was not Xeranad, but. . but someone from the guild! A trainee mage no less!

Morrigan's head started pounding and she realised what she'd done.

her 300th kill, and death of a guild member had come upon her. Like a huge wave. Her body fell to the floor.

Morrigan nearly screamed in agony as the force of the Crow Child ripped her clothes off of her writhing body, jet-black feather forced their way from her torso and chest, pushing away the flesh that was above them, soon they covered her torso and upper legs, like a bird's version of a dress. She puffed out her bright red cheeks in pain as her hair swiftly grew to knee-length.

Once she was clad in a short feathery dress, and long tinted-green black hair her hands clenched in agony as long claws pushed away the tips of Morrigan's fingers. As all of this happened, Morrigan stayed silent, the last part of reason in her mind forced her not to cry out in pain.

Lastly, she rolled onto her newly-feathered stomach as giant, impressive crow wings burst forth from her back. She was now bleeding from several parts of her body, but the blood was sucked back in by a unimaginable force. Bit's of her dead skin littered the foot-path around her.

Morrigan stood up, a calm expression on her face.

Only one thing was on her mind: Kill that women and bring back Brother Xeranad.


The End

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