Morrigan: The Crow Child Unleashed

Morrigan woke up(or so she thought) in a unfamiliar place, covered with thick purple fog.

She jumped up, raising her sythe.


She only heard the eerie whispers of the fog. She span around, figuring out what sort of illusion this place was. She closed one eye and raised her hand in the air. Her fingers twitched and she squinted her open eye suspisously.

This was a dream.

"Hello, my dear, dear Crow Child."

Morrigan's head snapped up. She, one of the most powerful mages alive could not work out where that voice had come from.

"You'll be alone here for eternity if you don't listen to what we say."

Alone. The familiar word echoed inside Morrigan's head, banging against the sides of her skull. It was a word she knew well, the only emotion she possesed.

Morrigan shook her head.

"let me put it this way, if you don't listen, Dark Mages will destroy Echo Falls."

Morrigan's head snapped up, not her guild. Her only place. If they took that. . . she really would have no place to go.

"Good. Now, cooperate and I will spare the guild and the people inside of it"

Morrigan nodded, grunting.


Morrigan widened her eyes.

"we will wake you up, and when you do come back, we want you to scream! Kill all of the people you are travelling with! But. . .understand, the Black Knight will not die."

Morrigan bit her lip, torn between her home and a some people she barely knew.

"What. . .? The Crow Child is torn by dilema? You, the emotionless weapon? But, we shall tell you a little secret!"

Morrigan span around and around, trying to locate this weird voice.

"When you do this, the Black Knight's family will die in his place. And you, Morrigan, are our trigger. You will make the Black Knight grief stricken and insane. Only then, when he is crazy with emotion, drunk of mourning; will he kill freely for us! Let us show you!"

Morrigan's eyes flickered with images, her clothes flapping about, the contrast of the dream-world colours and her own clothing was almost blinding.

She saw a mad Alexander, his flaming red hair all over the place, his miscoloured eyes wild. Morrigan sank to the floor.


Morrigan shook her head.


More images, her dead parents, teacher and friends. Dead Y'turo, dead Aria. Destroyed guild, bloody messes of bodies littered about, gore dripping from every rock and piece of rubble.


Back in reality, the others crowded around the quite still Morrigan, a look of pure anguish on her doll-like face. Her eyes snapped open, she took in a deep breath. . .

'AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!'  The mangled voice of her inner self, the Crow Child, twisted in with her own, beautiful, smooth one. Making it deformed and ugly. Everyone around her was thrown backwards. . .

The End

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