The Fury of the Black Knight

Alexander got up, and the first thing he looked for was Gwendolyn and Aria. Thankfully, they were mostly ignored by the dark mages, but it was only a matter of time before they decided to tear them apart. The very thought made his blood boil...

They are here to steal your happiness... your world... your all. If they are taken from you, then you lose what it is you fight for... These dark mage cowards cannot comprehend who they are dealing with... unleash your own darkness upon them... let them gaze into the face of Destruction Incarnate and watch as their faces fill with despair! They will know the terror they believe they had been the sole masters of, and they will taste oblivion! UNLEASH YOUR FURY UPON THIS MADMAN!!!

Alex listened as the terrible voice in his head told him what to do... and this one time in his life, he was willing to listen. This new, disturbing foe was here to kill them... all of them, including Gwendolyn and Aria. Yet, he had no idea who he was dealing with...

"Y'turo," Alex muttered, trying to control the emotion in his voice, but a crack of his fury did escape, and Y'turo looked at him, surprised by his anger. "Take Gwendolyn and Aria to Echo Falls, ensure they are placed in good care... then return here and help me deal with this trash that calls itself a sorcerer."

Y'turo, just a bit freaked out by Alexander's seething malice, complied, picked Aria up and held Gwendolyn's hand, and vanished into thin air.

"Now then... where was I?" Alex smiled, a twisted, almost demonic smile, his left eye starting to glow. Everyone around him stared, a look of horror spread across their faces. The new adversary stared, a bit shocked, but retained his composure.

"Interesting... so no wonder they call you "The Black Knight". You possess the powers of a dark mage at your command." The man stated in a matter of fact tone. Alex cracked his neck, his twisted smile growing wider.

"I'm glad that Gwendolyn and Aria aren't here to see me do what I am about to do to you... I'm certain it would give them nightmares."

With that, Alex charged forward, pulled out his new sword, and rammed his foe straight into a tree, pining him there with his sword. Then, taking out his usual sword, he stabbed the man in the shoulder, and grabbed his arm.

He began to pull. He pulled and pulled until finally the man's arm came off in a sound of snapping bones and tendons. He dropped the arm on the ground, stomping it with his armored boot, and then grabbed the man by the neck.

"Now... you listen to me, and you listen good. If I EVER see your face again, I will not be so merciful. I will tear your body asunder, burn you to ashes, and scatter you to the four winds at a crossroads. No one will remember you, I will erase you so thoroughly that no one will know you even existed. DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?"

The man, a little terrified, nodded. But then a smile spread across his face. "Don't think you can escape that inner darkness of yours from consuming you. It will eventually eat you from the inside, turning you into one of us... no... something even worse! The moment you turn, you'll become our Lord and Master, and you will lead us to victory!" He said this loud enough for everyone to hear.

Alex, now downright furious, put more pressure on the man's neck. "You talk as if you know everything... let me cease your tongue's insolent wagging."

He grabbed his sword, but before he could stab the man through the neck and use his magic to cause the man's body to implode, his hand was stayed by Y'turo, who had just returned from Echo Falls.

"Leave him. He's beaten. Don't let his words get to you, he's just trying to get a reaction out of you. Just relax."

Alex seethed for a few moments before finally letting out a deep sigh, and tearing his sword out from the man's chest, he gave him one last contemptuous look. "Get out of here before I change my mind."

The man complied, and ran off. Alex then turned to the rest of the group, and finally stated, in a flat tone. "Let's get out of here. I'd rather not explode twice in one day."

The End

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