I had been following the group for a while I had not learned much about them. I'm not much of the espionage type, but I had a feeling that some of them new I was there. I was just unsure if I should reveal myself or not so I kept away just in case if they were indeed the enemy.  I was being much to cautious but I can not afford to die, and I didn't think I had the skill to take that group on alone.  As I followed them I did not see, or feel a trap set by the dark mages.  But it was quick, the quiet one was quick to dispatch quite a few of them. I myself was knocked from my perch on a tree, and fell to earth with my attack reading a spell. Then there was a scream and my instincts took over as my breath was crushed from out of my chest.  The tree I had been knocked from bursted into the flames as tendrils of flames lifted me off the ground. With little thought I created a perimeter with the flame that covered an area of fifty meters. I could feel more coming through as they walked or disabled my flames.

I caught up to the group the quiet one was missing and the absurd shaped one was running off into the forest.

"There are more!" I shouted noticing a steady flow of blood trickling down from my head. 

"Is that so?" The knight said who was calm but something told me he was worried about the two who had went missing.  The other woman was in distress shouting, and screaming incomprehensibly as tears feel from her eyes. I nodded," Then we shall move and try to follow those who took Morrigan!"

"Too late!" The absurd looking one boomed as about a dozen mages leaped from canopy.

"Flame canon!" I shout as flames built around in my hands quickly expanding to the point the heat was burning the skin on my chest.  With quick succession the flames tossed four of the combatants back.  The knight was quick to quickly take the rest down with his sword.  The next attack was from the surrounding area but this time even large numbers ranging from 20 to 30. I felt a sensation of greater strength, the new comer from earlier this morning made a wall of ice spears which launched themselves at the enemy. It took quite a few of them down but they were able to block with some form of solidified shadow. As they pushed forwards I transformed my left arm into a 10 barrelled rotating canon. The metal turned white hot as it began to fire smaller but more concentrated form of fire balls. The attack was a little more potent then the new arrivals but just as well it did considerable damage but was still blocked.

It was the knights turn now he charged between the newcomer and I and with little effort completely destroyed the horde of dark mages with some strange purple mist that surrounded him.  I turned my arm back to normal I felt a burning sensation in my left arm, I needed to practice that transformation a little more. The dark knight sheathed his swords just as another burst of magic shot into the air. The dark knight flew backwards as a disgusting twisting of flesh, bone,and blood hit the ground and bubbled into him, the disgusting wizard who used his body as a weapon. The little girl screamed at the sight as my bones trembled at the feeling of strength that emanated from him.

"Oooooh look who we have here! We have the fearsome dark knight, Apex of the flaming west, Kariana Sharp, and you..." He looked at the absurd looking being with confusion and contempt.

"You!" I said fighting my fear and allowing my magic to flow around me and manifest into a vicious blue flame my arms once again transformed into a flame demon.  I jumped up both of my hands in front of me and created two pillars of flame.

" A little quick don't you think?" He smiled opening his mouth in freakish fashion swallowing my flames whole. What was he doing? I didn't think as I motioned for the flames of which he swallowed to burst out from him. He exploded the blue flames coming towards me.  The impact of the flames threw me into a tree crushing a few of my ribs as I fell to ground in pain. His tortured body healed itself.

"Who's next?" He grinned.


The End

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