Morrigan's Decision! Unbreakable vow!

Morrigan was not too sure of the new girl, Morrigan didn't hold anything against her though. It's only because Morrigan had become a little selfish with her friends and was not yet willing to share them.

She trailed a little way behind the other, the annoying crow had returned at was sitting on her shoulder.

Morrigan scowled and puffed out her cheeks when Karianna and Y'turo joked around, laughing and grinning stupidly.

She then let all the air out of her lungs and sagged her shoulders. She was being selfish and a little bit rude. She hadn't once tried to even once to communicate with her.

Then the wave of realisation hit her hard. She was not supposed to feel anything at all. She blinked as she recalled all her masters training on why not to let emotions fill up your heart and mind. "It will corrupt your power" he had said. 

Morrigan clenched her fists and she felt her stomach do flips. She needed to go back to her previous self; for Echo Falls!

She was a Master ranked women! If that wasn't amazing, she didn't know what was. And she would uphold her social ranking, even if it meant being alone.

Thats right. No one can ever change her mind. It was a one track road to being the best, in fact, she already was the best.

'I swear on this eye, I will never collect unneeded emotions.' Morrigan breathed, placing a hand upon her red eye, no one heard nor saw. Good.

She walked faster and overtook the rest of the party. Soon she was ahead of them, they looked at her curiously. Her expression remained blank and placid. Like a calm pond. Except stronger, and she would not be ruptured by a slight breeze, not even a hurricane!

Alexander raised his eyebrows at her, he was obviously a father. He noticed her change in attitude right away, none of the others did though. Definatly a father type. Morrigan muttered in her head.

She raised her hand into the breeze and closed her green eye, they looked at her, anticipating what she'd do. She opened it and nodded.

Morrigan pointed to the left and then to the group, cocking her finger as a sign for them to follow.

Why don't you just speak?

Morrigan's brow furrowed. The voice was back. She ignored it, not letting the anger show on her pallid face.

Scream. Yell. Explain your anger. Fill their minds with foul words, turn their  hearts to ice with your terrible life stories. Describe just how you killed your beloved teacher and family!

She gulped, do not react, do not react! She swivelled around and stomped ahead, none of the others uttered a word as she placed her foul mood under her feet. She didn't realise the power of her walked, she finally realised when she heard the ground crack.

She stopped, as did the others behind her.

Morrigan pulled out her sythe, the other mages readied themselves as they caught on. They heard the foot steps a little after Morrigan's supreame hearing. 

One, two, three, four five! They burst forth from the bushes and shrubs.

Morrigan leaped into action, using all the power her legs held to propel herself into the air, she flipped around, landing on one of their attackers backs; snapping it clean in half.

As another attacked, she swiped off their head, blood flicked onto her cheeks, she left it as she jutted the end of her syth backwards, into another's neck, it made a cringe-worthy cracking noise.

The other one, well the earth took care of that one.

Everyone stood watching Morrigan in horror and shock. Alexander looked a little discusted at Morrigan's lack of mercy and coldness in her attacking.

Aria screamed as someone jumped up behind Morrigan, she turned around swiftly. . 

thwack. . .thump. . .she'd be got. . . for the first time in her life. . .

The End

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