Just One Last One

I didn't talked to Apex personally, but I had slipped a note into his pack. Then I wasn't sure what to do. The head healer probably would not really care whether she came back. Healers never really stayed in one place. Alex, Morrigan, and Yoo...Yuu... the tall thing were leaving. Perhaps I could follow them. So I slung my pack over my shoulder and walked to where the others had gone. After a while I could people's voices.I saw a cottage and walked inside.

"Hey!" I shouted, "Do you need a healer?" Alex looked at me and I avoided looking into his slitted eye.

"Can you fight?"

"I know a bit of self defense."

He looked behind him and I noticed that there was a young girl sitting on the bed.

"Sorry, there are too many people."

"Please! I am quite sure I will be of good use to you."

 He rubbed his chin. "Very well."

I sat between the girl and the tall one. "Hello, I'm Terla."

She had purple eyes. "Hello."

"Why don't you tell me about yourself?"

She turned away. "I'd rather not."

"That's okay."

The End

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