Room For One More?


I awoke feeling as though my body had just been in a tumble dryer for hours on end. The fire had gone out and most of the leaves on the shelter had been blown off - it must have been a windy night. I sat up, groaning, still half asleep and touched my hair to see what it had done during the night.There was bits of leaves and twigs in it, and it was practically a birds nest. I stood up and stretched, but stopped midway; I heard a noise. Not just any noise though - it was like a... A small girl laughing. Then another voice joined in, laughing along but telling her to stop it.

Suddenly, branches above me started swaying, and not because of the slight breeze. Something was up there. I kept on staring upwards and realised that the movement was coming from where the little girl and, presumably, her mother was. My first thought was that they were dark wizards that had tracked me down and were trying to lure me into their camp. I tensed up, ready for an attack, but instead of an ambush, the little girl stopped laughing and the swaying got faster and bigger. Then I knew that they weren't dark wizards. They were being attacked by some.

I abandoned my camp and sprinted towards the movement. I had to run for a couple of minutes before seeing a flash of colour. I slowed down to a paced jog and creeped towards the colour. Then the little girl started laughing again so I walked in the direction of that. I came to clearing with a mudhut in the centre, clearly made by magic. I stayed hidden behind a tree as a man walked out.

He had crimson-coloured hair and a scar across his left eye. He was tall and wore black amour and a thin sword across his back. I shrunk back round the back of the tree as he turned round. I gasped. He had one green eye, which was of couse, quite normal, but the other eye! The other eye was a saffron yellow and slitted! It was the strangest thing I'd ever seen and that's saying something!

The little girl's laughing got louder and soon I saw her. She was really cute and obviously had a pretty mother. I was wondering if the man in the amour was her dad when a very tall creature came out from the forest ans swooped her up into it's arms. The little girl was laughing even harder now, oblivious to what was happening.

The creature looked like it was made entirely of rubber - it's arms were extremely long but what stiked me as odd the most was that it was glowing. Yes, glowing; a bright green colour, almost like an aura.

The creature it's back to me as it swirled around, then brought the girl close to his chest. Of course,  I had no clue what it was doing so sprung in and thrust me hands outwards. A gust of wind flew past me and knocked him - it - over. I ran up to it and snatched the girl off him, who now had a trembling bottom lip.

In a flash, the creature was up and the amoured man was beside me.

"Who do you think you are? What are you doing? How dare you burst in like that?" The man yelled at me. He pulled his sword out and held it ready to strike. I put my hands up.

"I'm very sorry sir, I must have been mistaken. I thought that that.... creature was trying to steal your daughter. Or, I presume she's your daughter." I stumble. He put his sword down, but not away.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Karianna Sharp. I am 15 and used to be a member of Mythical Tale, sir." I said

"Karianna. This creature, as you say, is not a drak wizard. He is our friend. And what do you mean: used to be a member of the guild?" He enquired.

"Oh, I'm sorry sir. And my guild got attacked so I was fighting a Soul Master of the dark wizard guild Panther's Eye. The only thing I could do was run. I got lost in the forest then met you." I said, my eyes glazing over as I remembered the memories. I saw his eyes soften.

"Oh...well, then I guess you can join us. I am sorry to hear about your troubles. Come with me and I'll introduce everyone." He lead me over to the mudhut and went inside. It was a cosy little place, with only camp beds and a small stove. There were a couple of people sat on the beds and one lady at the stove.

"I'm Alexander Gerard Kahner but you can call me Alex, by the way. Guys, we have another wizard to join us, if that's okay." In response, most people murmered yes, but I noticed one girl a little older than me that only nodded." Good, well, everyone this is Karianna Sharp."

Everyone gathered round. "Karianna, this is Y'turo Kljah Ghrou Du'Ish'Bqualv. At least I think that's right. Y'turo?"

"Yes, that was perfect." He nodded.

"Good. And this is Morrigan. She hardly ever talks though." He said, gesturing towards the girl with the red hoodie, who hadn't talked ealier. Alex winked at her making her blush a little, which made me smile. At least I knew she had a personality.

"This is Gwendoline, my wife." He turned to the lady at the stove who turned around. I almost gasped - she was so pretty! Now I knew why the little girl was so cute. Gwen smiled at me, making me smile back; I liked her immediatly.

"And this," he said, picking up the girl, " Is Aria, our daughter." he put Aria down and she ran over to me, giving me a hug. I was overwhelmed! Aria looked up and smiled at me, then ran over to Gwen and hid behind her legs. I laughed, as did Gwen, and Y'turo came over to me and put his hand out.

"Welcome to the family." He smiled. I shook his hand."Y'turo, look, I'm really sorry about before. I guess I just jumped to conclusions." I apologised.

"Oh, it's okay! No hard feelings!" He said, the guided me to his bed where we sat talking.

I finally felt accepted.

The End

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