Morrigan's Dream.

Morrigan was a bit slow to socialise (not that she would usually) but about ten minutes into the journey, she managed to get into a somewhat peculiar conversation-type-thing with Gwendolyn. 

'So, is your family at Echo Fall's?' She asked quietly, they were about two or three metres back from the three louder people ahead of them.

Morrigan shook her head, shrugging.

'Do you not have family?'

Morrigan pursed her lips, wondering if the word 'friend' could be used as a family term. Were her new friends family? Morrigan frowned as she thought about this, then shrugged because she really didn't have a clue.

'Hmm. That's quite sad. But on a happier note, isn't my little Aria beautiful?' Gwendolyn beamed, she obviously loved her family very, very much.

Morrigan smiled softly and nodded, because the little girl was very pretty. She felt her face fall as she recalled her mother, and how she'd brush Morrigan's odd green hair and say that it was lovely, and that her eyes were even more so.

'What wrong?'

Morrigan thought how she'd answer this, but she didn't want to worry this delicate women, so she just looked up and smiled, shaking her head.

'Well, nevermind them. Should we catch up? I suppose we'll be left behind if we walk any slower!' Gwendolyn laughed, it was like little bells twinkling. Morrigan was happy that Alexander had chosen such a wonderful women.

Morrigan nodded at her and they sped up and were soon walking alongside their fellow travellers.



They walked for ages, and little Aria had fallen asleep on Y'turo's shoulders, her head resting on top of his.

'Morrigan, are we nearly there?' Y'turo enquired quietly, so he wouldn't wake Aria up.

Morrigan stopped and raised a hand, she felt the breeze wash past her slender fingers and she puffed out her cheeks. She then nodded.

'Ah, how many more miles?'

Morrigan held up ten fingers and thumbs.

'Ten miles?!'

Morrigan nodded.

'Isn't it going to get dark quickly, shouldn't we make camp?' Gwendolyn asked in a worried voice.

Y'turo looked up at the sky, 'your right. It is pretty dark already. It wont be safe to travel in these times.. . ' He said in a stern voice, Morrigan looked up in shock, Y'turo was never 'stern'.

'I think so too.'Alex agreed.

Morrigan sagged her shoulders in defeat. Then nodded, she flung out her arm and started making finger signs. 

Soon, a large mud hut errupted from the floor. Morrigan cracked her knuckles and motioned for them to go inside.

'My, my, Morrigan! Who knew you could to organic puppetry to much a high degree?!' Y'turo gawped, raising his eyebrows.

Morrigan tried not to look proud.

Because, to be honest, she didn't understand what was going on.

When her parents and teacher died, she'd been brought up to not 'feel' anything. So why does this group of people, who have absoloutly no impact on the world at all; make her change her ways.

It's as though they've suddenly injected her with all these mixed up emotion, sadness, happiness, excitment, friendship, love and a feeling of acceptance.

She didn't mind this, but it was just different, it's like they'd looked into her most secretive dreams and made them come true.

Just having people she could truly rely on, be friends with, was enough for the lonely girl. .  .

The End

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