The Walking Rubic's Cube

“In any case, you may call me what you wish,” Y’turo said to Gwendolyn and Aria, bowing in his usual manner, though making sure not to hit anybody.

                Aria trotted up to the giant and said, “Hey, you!”

                “’Yuu’ would be an excellent replacement for one your age.”

                Alex took out a pocket watch and inspected it. “Well, I think we should be heading on over to the guild. If we leave now, we should be able to get back by mid-day.”

                Y’turo and Morrigan nodded. Alexander turned to his wife. “Are you ready, dear?” She nodded. He bent down to Aria. “What about you, Aria? You ready for the road trip?”

                “Yeah!” she replied excitedly, getting hyped up in the way only little kids could. Though she paused and looked up at Y’turo wonderingly. “Daddy?” she asked. Aria pointed up at Y’turo. “Can I ride on that thing?”

                “Aria, it is rude to call other beings a ‘thing’,” the knight softly scolded his daughter.

                Y’turo only laughed. “For the moment, it is fine, really (although I thought that we had agreed upon ‘Yuu’)! She is but a little kid. I’m also not exactly a common thing to come across, so it is understandable,” it informed Alex. “And yes, she may ride upon me.”

                Alex looked up at the strange cross-dresser. “While I’m curious as to what you are, I think the more immediate concern would be how she could ride on you. The tree branches, you know?”

                Y’turo shrugged it off and said, “Oh, no need to worry about that. Watch this.” It walked backwards and away from the group until they were about ten feet across. Then, something that could almost be classified as “disgusting” or “freakish” happened. It turned his entire upper body so that it was his exact rear, while its lower body didn’t budge an inch. Next, its bent back (forward for the group) and stopped at a ninety degree angle, parallel to the ground. Everybody had their mouths open in aghast. Except for Aria. She thought that Y’turo was the coolest thing in the world for the moment.

                “You see, kind sirs and madams, I am uncannily flexible compared to any being, even my own. I am perhaps the most flexible person in the world by far, not to sound like I’m bragging, though. In any case, I may change into a position to where I can make your daughter comfortable. So, what say you?”

                Gwendolyn looked frightened. Alexander put a warm, reassuring hand on her shoulder. She seemed to calm down immediately. He smiled at her, and then turned to Y’turo. “On one condition only. If we come across any danger, you must protect her with your life. Do you understand?”

                “If it comes down to it,” Y’turo responded, “I will be able to simply teleport her and myself to Echo Falls. I do wish I can teleport all of us right now, but that would take too much energy. You understand, do you?”

                “Of course.”

                The giant clapped his hands in satisfaction. “Then it is settled!” He cupped his hands and lowered them to the ground as a platform. “Come, little Aria. It is time to begin the ‘road trip’!”

                She squealed in joy and ran onto his hands, from where lightly launched her up in the air, just enough for her to safely land on his belly. Y’turo turned around and away from the house, and began to lead the way back to Echo Falls. “Come, Sir and Madam Kahner! Sister Morrigan! Off we merrily go back to the gracious guild! And you, as well, Mr. Person Who is Watching Us From Behind the Trees! Hi-Ho!”

The End

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