Gwendolyn and Aria

Alex knocked on the door to his house. Everybody outside stared at the decrepit hut, wondering why he lived here of all places. Or, how he managed to convince a woman to live in such a worn out place.

The door opened slightly, and a lovely sapphire blue eye stared out. "Who is it?" A voice that sounded like birdsong answered.

"Gwendolyn, I'm back." Alex said softly, compassion in his voice. The door opened slowly, and standing before them, was a lovely young woman with flowing golden hair and rosy cheeks, dressed in tattered rags and walked upon the gravel with bare feet. A heavenly smile spread across her face.

Alex came to her and held her close to him. "I'm so glad you're safe, Alex. I was worried about you." Gwendolyn spoke softly, and it became apparent that she was incredibly shy and soft spoken...

"And I was worried about you, too," Alex responded. "Tell me, where's Aria?"

"COMING, DADDY!!!" A loud voice came from inside the hut, and out came a little girl with red hair and green eyes, also barefoot and dressed in rags, but looked handmade, as if that was the desired effect. Alex bent down and Aria ran right into his arms. She giggled happily and Gwendolyn giggled as well.

Then Aria pounded Alex on the head. "You dummy! We were worried about you! At least let us know where you're going the next time you leave us!" She kept pounding on Alex's head, and Alex was visibly in pain.

"Hey! Cut it out!"

Aria started laughing again and gave her dad a big hug. "Aw, well... just don't leave us again for a while."

"Well, then... be glad to know you're coming with me."

"Huh?" Gwendolyn stared at her husband strangely then.

"Listen. I am needed in the area of Echo Falls, and I cannot leave you here alone for that long... so I need you to come with me." Alex's voice became grave and serious, much different from the tone he had earlier.

"Yay! Road trip!" Aria squealed.

Gwendolyn looked at Aria, then back at Alex, then to Morrigan and Y'turo behind him. She crouched a bit behind Alex and whispered something in his ear, as if trying to hide herself from the two strangers.

"What, them? Gwendolyn, I would never bring anyone who would willingly harm you. They're friends. Allow me to introduce you," he walked up to Morrigan. "This is Morrigan. She doesn't talk much (or rather at all), so you two should be fast friends. The fellow next to her is..." he took a deep breath. "Y'turo Kljah Ghrou Du'Ish'Bqualv. I believe I said it right. Did I get it right, Y'turo?"

Y'turo beamed. "Exactly right."

The End

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