Morrigan's Journey. .. With Two Odd Men

Morrigan understood what Alexander was saying, and she knew that it would be fine for he and his family to join Echo Falls, but it was just a day ago Alexander was babbling on about running away and fighting dark mages.

Morrigan frowned and Y'turo bent over and looked into her face, so swiftly it made Morrigan jump.

'Are you feeling alright Miss. Morrigan?' Y'turo enquired with a worried tone to his voice. Morrigan jolted her head up and and. And Y'turo, not entirely convinced, pulled a face.

'Morrigan does not speak.' Alexander muttered to Y'turo.

'Oh, I know that. She's known throughout that land for being a 17-year-old Master Levelled mage. So of course, along with that knowlage, there would be the fact that she passed all of her tests without saying a word!' Y'turo beamed, very proud of himself to know all of this. He grinned and winked at Morrigan; who felt a little sickly after running so much to give that sword to Alex.

Soon after their conversation, the peculiar trio set off for Echo Falls.

'Do you know who you remind me of, Miss. Morrigan?' Y'turo suddenly asked out of the blue.

Morrigan shook her head, wondering what the weird creature would tell her.

'A beetle.'

Morrigan's face dropped, a beetle? She looked up(a very long way up) at him, confused.

'Well, that green hair, those odd eyes and those crazy trouses. They all add up to one thing for me: a beetle.' Y'turo frowned, obviously lost in thought. Morrigan raised her eye brows and turned back around.

They would soon be arriving at the village where Alexander's family lived, and her stomach was turning.

'I can't wait for you to meet my family.' Alexander declared, 'Gwendolyn is just amazing and my little daughter is only four! I love them dearly, and my wife's food. . .' Alexander's ramble about his family just turned into a slight hum in the back ground.

'Do you have any family, Miss. Morrigan?' Y'turo asked, ignoring Alex, turning to her.

Morrigan shook her head sadly, and looked down.

'Well, me either! Why don't I be your big brother, eh, Miss. Morrigan?' Y'turo giggled, elbowing Morrigan with one of his long arms.

Morrigan looked up quickly, hoping he was serious. But she couldn't ask. She wouldn't ask. It would be silly to think someone would really want to be her family. . .


The End

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