Fetching the Family

Alexander took the new sword in hand, weighed it carefully to determine its balance, and smiled. "Perfect. They got all of my specifications down perfectly," He smiled, then turned back to Y'turo. "As for your proposal... I see no reason as to why I shouldn't come, save for the fact that I would be leaving my family practically unguarded. That is something I simply cannot allow."

He sheathed his new sword upon his back and began to walk away, and Y'turo was about to reach out a hand to stop him when he suddenly turned back around, a smirk on his face. "How about... a compromise?"

Y'turo and Morrigan looked at each other for a moment, then Y'turo asked. "What is it that we are compromising? Are you gonna ask me to bring the entire guild here, cause that would take way too much time... and I'm sure the dark mages would attack such open targets..."

"No, no. What I am proposing," Alex smiled, "is that we bring my wife and daughter with us to the guild. That way I can keep them close and safe and not have to worry about dark mages finding them and killing them. Besides, I'm sure we'll get hungry on our travel back, and Gwendolyn is such a wonderful cook."

Alex then turned to the trees to his left. "You can come too."

With that, he turned around and waved his hand in a motion that said, "Follow."

The End

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