Setting out after the Black Knight



The recovery period for my magic was fast, it was almost like I hardly use any, and after a nights good sleep I was ready to do anything!

"Thank , for letting me stay the night, and saving us last night." I thanked one of the council members.

"Thank you for your warning, the consequences would have been different if you didn't." He replied. I nodded in agreement," Perhaps echo falls, can let the rivalry's between us, and the flaming west guild drop."

" I could not agree more. Our guild building was destroyed by those cowards who dare call themselves wizards. I don't want to see any more people to feel the pain of losing their guild. However it isn't up to us is it, we're just wizards. It is truly up to our guild masters who will let these boundaries fall.

"Yes lets hope they feel the same as we do. It seemed like last night our guilds worked well together."

"Indeed. Anyways say thank you to your guild master, and if you would be kind enough tell, the Eastern claw that I'm striking out on my own, I need to learn how to use this sword of mine." I say showing him the over sized 5 foot sword that was at least six or 8 inches from edge to edge,"He'll understand, I have learned much from everyone in the guild but it looks like I need to consolidate what I already know, and learn more that cannot be taught to me in a guild that is torn apart."

"Your just going to abandon your guild?"

"Not quite, I'm going to make myself stronger for its sake! Then I will be able to apologize for my disappearance."

" I see, but may I leave you two pieces of advice? " He says slightly taken a back. I nod," Your absence might prove crushing to your guild, I have heard of you Apex, I've heard that you show great potential, and right now the Flaming west needs that beacon of hope. You disappearance might be then end of it. But if you still want to continue, one of our own has been spotted with the Black night, who is said to be a master with a sword.  You could catch up with him if you leave now, last he was seen was North of here."

"Thanks for your advise, I will do my best to stay in contact with my guild then, but I cannot leave this path." I said, as he nodded.

As I walked away from the sleeping quarters a man and girl wearing a light green robe with white hair, walked up to the council member. I quickly made it off after hearing my name being mentioned, I couldn't let this opportunity to escape.


After some searching through the thick woods, I came across a camp in the distance, there was three figures. Except one of them was huge, like a troll, or something, and he was glowing! I stopped trying to figure who or what this giant thing was, and why it was glowing? Where they performing some strange ceremony? No their wasn't enough magic in the air, so what the in the world was with the glowing?  I decided for the moment it would be better to stay at a distance in case they were dark wizards.


The End

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