Sent and Received


                What nice people, Y’turo thought to itself, smoothly picking an apple from a nearby tree. It knew that they were all freaked out by itself, sure, but they never once spoke to it out of any type of malice (or about its sheer height), and all replied politely. It stopped and thought at that. Maybe the reason why they were all so polite to it was because they were afraid of itself and didn’t want to risk being hurt by itself? If so, it would have to apologize to everybody when it returned from its second mission.

                Y’turo usually was never sent on any mission until about its third day in a guild, and already on its first day it was sent straight into battle. Of course, it would have gone regardless of being ordered to at first sight of the distress signal. It was actually pretty clever and impressive considering its caster’s condition, oh, yes. Which reminded itself, it never found out if he ran away from the clash or if the sir was okay. However, it was positive that the young man got out okay and that he didn't use any of his energy, considering that Y’turo only tricked his energy into thinking it was lively.

                But that was another story. Like what happened to the Dark Mages he teleported, or where they were. It did hope that they were okay, regardless of their outset on life. It was what Y'turo found most humans thought, rather unfortunately.

                And yet it didn't want to stop thinking about it; memories like those were such a great way to pass the time. By now it must have burned off at least ten minutes. It was also good to keep recent memories fresh in its mind. Y’turo loved to remember everything of things that happened to it ever. If that makes sense. That way when he was teaching a group of kids lessons about life, it would have plenty of examples to give. It wouldn’t be boring, either. It found that was a big “no-no” for people.

                Thankfully, it somehow spent an hour thinking about that subject to keep itself from being bored with itself (much of an improvement, in his opinion). That, and brushing all branches out of its way. It was so immersed in his thoughts that it almost didn’t notice that it was walking in the middle of a camp. Until it heard somebody speak up.

                “What are you? What are you doing here?”

                Looking down to its side, it found a crimson-haired knight glaring up at him, in the middle of eating his breakfast, but holding his skewer like a blade.

                “Oh, my, sir!” Y’turo exclaimed, jumping, holding its hands up. “I did not realize that I was intruding upon your grounds! I do mean no harm! My apologies!”

                The knight scanned him up and down, as if he weren’t sure to believe this strange cross-dressing(?) being that stood before him. “Right…. You did not answer my question, however.”

                Mr. Du'Ish'Bqualv bowed out of apology. “Please forgive me, good knight. My name is Y'turo Kljah Ghrou Du'Ish'Bqualv. You may call me by any other name, though, if you would like.”

                The man considered this for a moment. “While that may be simpler,” he said, “I will attempt to remember your name in its entirety, Mr. Bqualv.”

                Y’turo was honestly surprised and pleased. Not once in all its travels had anybody ever once made even a slight effort to remember any part of its name that wasn’t “Y’turo” or made-up. It never expected anybody to in the first place. It was much easier not to. Then comes this stranger who he had even most likely upset beforehand saying that he would make the effort. Y’turo brightened up.

                “Why, thank you, kind sir!” he said, bending down and shaking the knight’s hand. “Even despite the extraneous effort, you try to do such a thing! But now I feel that I must know your name in return.”

                “Oh. Uh, my name is Alexander Gerard Kahner,” the knight replied, a little confused.

                Stopping the shaking of his hand, Y’turo stood up straight and confident. “Mr. Kahner. Alexander Gerard Kahner. Fantastic! Will you become my new friend?”

                “… Uhm….”

                Before the strange giant had the chance to apologize for being too straightforward/ misleading, both of them heard the pitter-patter of a person running towards them. Turning their attention, they saw an exhausted Morrigan leaning against a tree to the side of them.

                “Oh! Miss Morrigan!” Y’turo greeted jovially. “How convenient to have met up with you here!” It went to bow towards her (by bending over and placing one arm horizontal, in front of its chest), but ended smacking Alex in the face.

                “AH!” Y’turo yelped, turning back to the knight. “Sir Kahner! Are you well!?”

               Rubbing his nose, he confirmed that he was okay and shook it off as nothing. He gestured for Morrigan to come closer, but he needn’t to; she already came up after Y’turo smacked him. “So, what have you come back for?” he asked her. In response, she took a wrapped object from a tie on her back and handed it to him.

                Alex examined the delivery. “This… is this the blade that was supposed to be sent to me?” She nodded.

                “So you two have met? Or are friends?” Y’turo inquired, beaming. “Then why don’t you, kind Sir Kahner, come with us back to Echo Falls for a short visit? I was sent here to find Miss Morrigan because they guild was getting a bit worried about her. So, now that we have found her, what do you say?”

                It looked down at Alexander with high hopes.

The End

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