Fending For Myself


I sprinted over the bridge and into the hunter green forest, the dark master hot on my heels. Tripping over a tree root, I held up my hands in defence, expecting pain. There was none. Strangley, I was alone. I hesitantly stood up, my head darting around to see if anyone was near. Again, it was silent. I started walking back the way I came, which was now quiet - the attack must have stopped.

I came to a clearing and realised that I had been going the wrong way! Ah well, there was no going back now - I had no idea where I was. I was lost which ment that I had to fend for myself. Firstly, I needed to create a shelter and find food.

I found some branches and some trees and started to build. I'd got two trees that were parallel and big enough for me to lie down between. Then I attached another thick branch across the two trees and put some smaller branches leaning up against it. I covered it in leaves and moss then stepped back to observe my work. The shelter was done - now for the bed.

The bed was easy; all I had to do was put down some dry moss and leaves to make it comfy. I made it underneath the shelter and then placed lots of dried out sticks - partly to make a fire for protection, and partly for some spare branches and sticks.

I wasn't that hungry so, missing out tea, I went to sleep, alone. My only comfort was knowing that in a few days, or even tomorrow, I could meet some other wizards that could help...

The End

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