Morrigan's Unspeakable Choice.

'. . .The Black Knight.' Alexander introduced himself.

Morrigan frowned. What sort of a strange person would call themselves the 'The Black Knight' ?

She pursed her lips, then stood up. Alexander looked at the silent girl, Morrigan nodded curtly at the man before she started to walk away.

He grabbed her wrist and she turned to glare at him, but her expression soften as she looked at the man's pleading expression.

'How did you keep those voices so quiet all your life?'He asked her, letting go of her wrist.

How did he know that this was the first time I'd heard the voices? Morrigan thought.

She shook her head sadly and tipped up one corner of her mouth. She then shrugged and walked away.

'Wait! Don't you want to know more about dark mages?! I can tell you! Were like kin!' Alexander yelled after her, she paused and turned her head around a little.

Alexander walked forward, 'I can tell you all about dark mages! I can teach your how to fight the darkness! Just leave your guild and we can travel and save--'


The sharp sound rang through the woods and vibrated in the as Morrigan's hand showed him her answer. She narrowed her eyes and shook her head once, her green hair bobbing from side-to-side.

'But, we can save people! We can save my friends, family, your too!' He told her, nodding in encouragement.

'Dark Knight. . .' Morrigan breathed almost silently, '. . .Morrigan will not accept.'

Morrigan was getting worried, she never talked and yet she'd spoken numerous times to this strange man and she didn't intend to utter another word, ever.

'I'm not evil, Morrigan. I fight evil; I do not welcome it.' Alex muttered quietly, patting her shoulder. Morrigan flinched, her hand twitched as though she were about to grab her sythe, 'I understand that you don't want to come with me, to defeat all the dark mages that are out there, but you must understand that your not a safe person. Think what would happen if your Darkness spilled out all at once, it would blow up your beloved guild.'

Morrigan's strange eye's widened, but she quickly recovered her expression to it's calm state. She paused, wondering whether she should accept the Black Knight's offer.

The End

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