Kindred Spirits

Alex saw Morrigan looking like she was about to cry, and shrugged. "Hey, the truth hurts sometimes. But before you pass judgment on your own soul, allow me to tell you that I, too, have the power of a dark mage at my command."

Morrigan looked at him immediately, and he smiled. "Just because we have darkness in our souls doesn't mean we're evil. The way I see it, anyone can turn into a dark mage, if they're pushed far enough. We just have something inside us that makes us more susceptible. Tell me, do you have a voice in your head?"

Morrigan stared at him for a second, then nodded silently.

"Thought so. I do too... though now a days the voice seems to be taking the form of a man dressed in white armor every time I fall asleep. We are more alike than you realize... and the only thing that separates us from those dark mage cowards is the fact that neither of us have become a true part of the darkness. As long as we hold on to who we are, then no matter what happens, you're still you."

Morrigan looked at him for a moment, then nodded.

"Anyway, Morrigan, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alexander Gerard Kahner. Or as many guilds refer to me as... the Black Knight."

The End

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