Tracked, and attacked



As I walked along side the convoy, I kept my concentration on keeping a steady flame up ahead of us to provide light for our long walk in the dead of night, where the clouds held siege to the stars.  Not only was this training on my endurance, but the focus of my magic, one of my problems was my flames were unstable because I never put proper focus into casting them.  By doing this I would be accustomed to putting maximum focus in my spells. Behind me came a pair of a stumbling nearly asleep wizard nicknamed Eastern claw.

"Apex, I'm heading to bed, Someone needs to take rear look out, Can you take my place for now?"

"Sure, anything to report?"

"Well there was some movement in horizon when the sun fell, but that could be anything. Beside at any rate its hard to see anything when the sky is like this, especially when our foes are those of the dark. We might not notice them until its too late." He said before clambering into the caravan.

I did not like the fact that we might not be able to sense the enemy coming to late, but it was a harsh reality I could not avoid. I sat myself up on the waggon looking behind us. We were climbing into a mountainous land, and below us is a dusty, winding road that sat comfortably above a deep dark chasm which echoed the raging river below which could be miles below our feet.  It was a both terrifying, and relaxing idea. I loved the threatening side of nature, I found it alluring, and soothing.  In the distance I catch something unusual about the darkness, it wouldn't be very easy to catch if not paying attention, but I saw it. It was dark but it was to dense to be dark it appeared to have a mass, a swirling mass, but not like a mist, or fog.  More like water but able to float in the air.

To make sure I wasn't imagining things I conjure another ball of fire, and shoot it off into the unusual swirling darkness.  As it enters it illuminates the darkness momentarily like a lightening strike lighting a cloud. Then it was swallowed up in the darkness. It had to be the dark guild wizards. I stood up gathering air into my lungs to announce the arrival of our foes but, they had already mounted their attack. Something hit me hard in the chest pushing all my breath out, and sending me to the ground paralysed.

"Attack." I wheezed out, no one heard. I tried to move but my body was still. Damnit! I cried out in my head. As the wheels of the caravans squeaked away, I heard the quick approach of our enemy. I tried to move my arm which only made my right leg move.  My brains messages to my nerves got mixed up somehow!  I was recovering but I was no where close to being able to move about. I needed to create a message. Willing the magic in my body flames began to grow around me swirling violently as anger entered my emotions. Around my body tendrils of flames crawled around my body, the air began to pop and expand from the heat as the ground beneath me began to turn to compacted ash. I shot up a flaming message in the sky, along with sounds of fireworks. That should get their attention! I was sure even the residents of Echo Falls could read the message. Which read.

We're under attack, dark guild mages are coming!

Now all I needed was work this curse off me. With the magic I had already used I managed to wear most of the curse down, it was quite easy breaking it down with my talents of being a curse breaker. I managed to stand up as the swirling darkness enveloped my surroundings. My flames still surrounded me but the darkness was seeming to eat away at the strength of the flames.  With some willpower I brought my output of flames ten times higher. The Darkness receded a bit, but still surrounded me.

"Show your faces you pale faced cowards!" I shout instinctively grabbing the hilt of my blade which I can not wield.

In response a group of the wizards surrounded me the darkness seeming to cling to their clothing. Anger grew in my chest, I was going to make them pay! My right arm transformed without my command, it turned into the arm of a rock demon. I punched the ground causing a small earthquake. The ground cracked as my enemy struggled to hold their balance some even fell over the edge.  I didn't leave them time to recover from my first attack as I gathered my flames, and lashed them out like claws.  They backed off, but no one had yet received any wounds.  My anger entered a new threshold and so did my flames which expanded the area of light within the darkness.  Both arms transformed into a dragons arms to aid  in my control of the fire.

" Flaming Hurricane!" I yell slamming my hands into the ground, which burst into geysers of fire. The darkness evaporated leaving the 20 dark guild wizards to be exposed in my burning fire. I wasn't finished though, I charged forwards bringing the fire to my arms which had returned to being human. Wings of flame came from my back.  I ducked under the spell of a dark wizard and uppercut him in the stomach. This time I did not hold back in the fear of killing many people instead of a small amount. These wizards were not going to show me the same mercy I had given before.  Just as my fist made contact with the wizard he had turned to nothing but ashes.  I span around taking a few curses, but the flames acted like an armour and burned the magic away. A wave of fire overcame the enemy either burning them to do death or sending them over the edge.

"Face me Apex you will find no satisfaction in killing our foot soldiers!" A man cried out beneath me. I turned blocking spiked hair, and extended finger nails.  Someone capable of using their body as a weapon," Good reflexes, boy, but are you capable of beating me? I wonder?" He cackled maniacally. I swing out my arm violently sending a pillar of flame at him. He disappeared behind its ferocity, and I could feel the pressure from the attack pushing him back. I pressed hard causing him to auger into the rock face. I let the fire return or die down. The smoke cleared quickly, revealing a hole filled with a gross burnt fleshy substance that shot out, and warped itself back into the wizard. I could see he was burnt but he didn't seem to feel the pain, or maybe he didn't care about the damage.

"Lovely, quite a bite you have, but not quite able to pierce me. Your going to lose this time round!"  Every time he talked his high pitched voice sounded as if he was laughing like a crazed man.  His right arm twists into a disgust bone, blood, and flesh like drill. Then he jumped down upon me, my flams built up and made a barrier to protect me. For a second it held him off but he pressed hard making my flames receded. I transform into a demon of flame, and grab my sword which even in this form felt to heavy, as well as it gave a burning sensation as well as a draining feeling every time I tried to use it.  I slashed upwards hitting the drill dead on, behind me the rock face exploded with flames. Around the blade I could feel the oncoming feeling of a powerful power rising the air, and debris seemed drawn to it.

"Ahhh!" I shout fighting the draining of my magic.  I brought the sword dwon creating an arc of burning fire driving my opponent away.   His arm had been sliced in half.

" Interesting, choice of strategy. Quite a gamble I can see you fighting the blades power and yet you still manage to cut me. I think if I was in your place I would have died. I cannot allow you too...."  His words cut out as a loud horn blew. His faced was calm but in his lips I read fear as he vanished into the night along with the other dark wizards.  Around me many of my comrades gazed gave of confusion as the Echo falls guild arrived.

The End

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