Morrigan, a Dark Mage?!

'You should speak up if you want my attention.' The man on the floor snapped at the silent Morrigan.

She had been poking him for the past ten minutes. The man blinked at the odd sight that was Morrigan. He looked confused as he took in her green hair, odd eyes, red hoodie and pinstriped jeans.

'Who are you?'He asked, wary of her, 'were you the one that screamed?'

Morrigan paused, then nodded, looking right into his eyes.

'Why don't you talk? You obviously can.'He scolded her. He had the right tone of voice to control a child; Morrigan came to realise this man must have a family.

She shook her head. A second later, the bird that liked to follow her fluttered down onto her shoulder.

'Is that your pet?'


'What's your name?'

Morrigan pondered over how she'd answer this one. So she pulled out her sythe and showed him the named etched onto it.

'Mo--rri. . .gan? Morrigan?' 


'Isn't that the name of a death goddess who took the form of a crow?'He enquired. Morrigan nodded, a little sadly.

This man seemed to be fine now so she pulled out her water container and handed it to him before walking away. But he grabbed her thin wrist, she jolted it away quickly, flipping out her Reapers Sythe and bringing it to his neck.

'Hey now. I'm not going to do you any harm. I just need to ask you one more thing.'He told her, she brought down her sythe and nodded at him.

'Are you a dark mage, Morrigan?' He asked quickly. Morrigan's head whirred with fury and she bared her teeth at him.

She was very angry and she didn't want to class herself with those bastards. Even if she was born into nemocracy, she would not be classed as a dark mage!

'You are. I can feel it. You have the darkness inside you, don't you?!' He pressed. Morrigan felt like she could cry.

'No.' She croaked in a barely audible whisper, a mere breath of a word.

'What? Did you just speak?'

'I'm not. . .I'm not.'She breathed quietly before bringing down her sythe and sinking to the floor. She couldn't be, could she? She knew of her voices power, but was it really evil. . .?

The End

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