Terla walked into the room where the man lay. 

"Hello, sir." He did not respond. She pulled out a kit and brought out some balm. 

"I'm going to help you feel better." She rubbed the balm on his forehead and began to channel her energy, the balm enhancing the effect.

"You know," she continued, talking to the unconscious man, "The head healer said that you have improved a lot. There is a small chance you'll get some of your power back." She finished and wiped the balm away. But when was about to leave she heard the man speak.


"Huh?" She looked back at at him but he didn't reply. He seemed to have sunk back into his comatose state. She smiled and patted his arm. 

"Don't worry. I'll find Apex. Whoever he is."

The End

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