Dark Premonitions

Alexander finished up with his task of erasing the existence of the dark mage camp when he heard a lovely, sing-song type voice yell, "NO!" His slitted golden eye turned in the direction of the scream, and listened for another sound.

Nothing. Never a good sign.

He decided to check it out. He took one step forward...

Suddenly, the world seemed to invert. This happened occasionally. This was merely his darkness trying to get his attention. It wanted him to lose himself in the darkness he wielded. Truly become a part of it. Ever since he got his "Demon Eye", he had to deal with his inner hatred, his inner sorrow, his anguish... his fears. So far, it has been unsuccessful in turning him.

This time felt different, however. He saw his house burning. This was something he thought the darkness would respect, to leave others out of his visions... apparently it had no qualms in causing harm to those close to him, and in so doing... hurting him.

He ran towards his burning home. He opened the door wide open... and the sight terrified him. An entire cabal of dark mages... each with a bloodied knife. Tears streamed down his face. He hoped that this was only a dream... only an insignificant nightmare...

The dark mages let him pass, and he saw his wife... or what remained of her... and... what they did to his daughter... his beautiful baby girl Aria...

He screamed in anguish and absolute fury... a fury that could tear the very earth asunder. He drew his sword, and let the darkness take him. Every last 0ne of the dark mages let him kill them. They practically lined themselves up for their own demise. This drove Alex further into the darkness...

And then he saw someone entirely different. He was his height, but wore white armor instead of black. His hair was snow white, and he wore a bone white mask across his face. His eyes stared back at Alex's own, and they were as white as pearls, surrounded by darkness.

The figure laughed. "What, don't you recognize yourself?"

Alex drew his sword and struck, but the attack did nothing. "Come now. You know that I cannot die. I am a part of you, just as much as your lovely wife has become your little security blanket..."

"SHUT UP!" Alex yelled, and attacked once more, but the figure darted to the right and smacked his sword out of his hands with little effort.

"Relax... your family is safe. The dark mages remain blissfully unaware of their existence... if they did, they would kill them and sacrifice their corpses to their own dark gods... but you are different from them. You resist the darkness, practically reject it... this weakens you. Have you forgotten who you are?"

Alex lowered his sword. "Your words... there is a ring of truth in them. Most inner demons that I've heard about lie at the drop of a hat."

"That's because I am you. And you are an honorable, just, and courageous warrior, not like those dark mage cowards," he answered. "I may be you, but you are just as much a part of me as I am a part of you. So do not reject your darkness. Embrace it. Wield it. Use it to destroy those who would dare destroy your happiness... and mine. I am your sword. I am your shield. I am your armor..."

"Alright... but leave Gwendolyn and my daughter out of this. They have nothing to do with this."

"As you command, Black Knight... my master," the figure bowed and vanished.


Alex awoke from his darkness induced coma by a firl with dull green hair, who was poking him quietly. He didn't know who she was, but right now, he didn't particularly care. "You should speak up if you want to get my attention."

The End

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