Morrigan's Lost Power of Speech


Morrigan walked down the dusty path, a tad dazed. That thing had shown her the world in a whole new light.

She huffed and sat down on the floor. She flicked out her fingers to the bird that didn't want to leave her alone. She poked it's beak and shook her head at it.

'Hello, young lady.' A eerie voice called out, but she realised it wasn't out in the open, it was inside her, 'you want to talk, don't you?'

Morrigan shook her head quickly, a  confused expression was plastered upon her pretty face.

'You do. But you know if you talked, you'd be able to scream; and you know what your scream leads to Crow Child.'The voice rasped, as if it were scratching inside her head.

She knew she was very close to the guild, but if the voice provoked her, there would not be a guild left.

'Crow Child, talk, laugh, have fun, make friends!'It carried on, 'you want to lead a normal life, don't you? But your a Crow Child, you cannot have friends because you'd scream.'

Morrigan shook her head again, but harder. She was scared and she didn't understand what this voice was trying to do. She clutched the sides of her head as it egged her on.

'NO!'She yelled, her song-like voice rang through the forest. Morrigan's voice was beautiful; so high, yet not ear-pearcing, she slapped her hands over her mouth, panicking.

This was bad. Morrigan had never panicked, nor uttered a word since she was a very small child. She stood up; forcing the placid expression back onto her face. Morrigan swore on her life she'd never make a noise again in her life.

The End

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