Relax... Or Not


I skipped up the stairs to my room, thinking about my latest victory. An easy victory, he didn't even fight back. If only all battles could be like that. Kicking off my shoes I grabbed my book and opened it, sinking into my bed. Time to relax, to think about nothing and just read my book. Those were the times I lived for.

BANG! I sat up and threw my book down on to my bedside table. Silence. Too much silence. BANG! There it was again, making me jump. I sprung up and ran to my window. The view was the same as always, well, apart from the huge black misty shape above the precious statue of Dilah Yaque (the most amazing mythical wizard of all time; our hero). The mist was in the shape of a pantha's face - the famous dark wizards, Pantha's Eye, were attacking.

I gasped and hurridly put my army boots on, then sprinted out of the door. I was halfwaydown the winding staircase when I realised my necklace was pounding agaist my chest like it was the end of the world. Maybe I was the end of mine.

I ran out the door, straight into a dark wizard. He (or she) had a big black and red gown on, with a hood over the top of its face.

I quickly murmured a few words and suddenly a few rows of spikes emerged out of the ground, dripping with poison. But instead of heading towards the dak wizard, it came straight for me. The back-fire spell. Crap. The spikes lifted off the ground, slowly turned on there side and flew right at me. I was too stunned to think, so I simply ducked. Not such a good idea, since they came right at me again.

This time my head was on straight so I thrust my hands outwards sending the spikes back to the dark wizard. I was about to jump up in triumph but the deadly spikes went all the way through him, as if he was a ghost! My face fell from the huge grin when I realised I was agaisnst a dark wizard master. Killing someone for them was as easy as blinking.

"Fire breather!" I yelled and white-hot fire fell from the sky, landing perfectly on top of the wizard. But it did no damage. I panicked and shouted the first thing that came to my mind.


A large plum-purple shape fell form the sky, landing next to me. Its only mission in life was to kill. 'It' was a huge monster, a cross between a troll, a dragon and a ghost. I pointed to its target and it charged.

It carried on charging straight through the dark wizard. Double crap. Suddelny it twigged - the dark wizard was a soul. They're even worse than a dark wizard master. When that failed, I did the only thing left.

I ran.

The End

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