Painful awakening



I woke up my mouth dry, my body, sore, and I was in a cot of somewhat in a caravan, with a headache that competed with extreme tropical storms. I held my head closing my eyes momentarily as the memories returned to me,painfully clear. The screams of suffering rang through my head. I opened my eyes quickly, hoping to escape the memories.

"Awake at last Master Apex." The familiar voice of room master Charles.

"Yes." I say weakly," Please can I have some water?"

"Yes, you certainly can, you've been out for the last few days." He replied pouring a cup of water. He handed the cup over as he sat down beside me.

"Where are we heading?"

" We've split up we plan on telling everyone the oncoming invasion of the dark guilds has ramped up. We plan on forming an alliance, we can no longer avoid the fact our Rivalries is what will become our downfall. Anyways we are heading to Echo falls" He explains carefully as I swallow down the water quickly.

" Sounds like we are just looking for a guild to mooch off of, and support us." I say in disgust.

"We have lost many Apex our guild is no more some plan to join the other guilds, others plan to help form this alliance,few cannot face the other guilds in the shame of joining the fold of fallen guilds ,while the rest seek out revenge."

I clench my fists hard, if only I could be stronger! No one would have had to die, no one would have to be shamed of being part of the Flaming west guild! I needed to talk to Jaden and Cruza, we needed to find a strong teacher, we needed to train so we can carry the name of the Flaming west proudly back!

"Where did Jaden, and Cruza go?" I ask having already formed the path I would walk. Charles face had fallen.

" Jaden died shortly after the battle her wounds were to great, even for her. Cruza is currently in the care of The Order of Healers. Last I saw of him he was in a Coma, and most of his magic cursed or sealed away, he may never be able to cast a spell."My face fell, as anger swelled in my chest, Jaden was gone, and Cruza may never be able to cast another spell. I was speechless. I tried to form some sort of word but the anger and sadness only caught up in my throat.

"Jaden." I choked out. Charles nodded in sympathy. I sat up swinging my battered legs over the cot.

"What do you plan on doing, Apex?" Charles asked.

"I don't know anymore,Everything I held close has been taken from me, torn and thrown back at me in ribbons. Cruza will live, but he may never be able to cast a spell. And right now all I want to do is punch a hole in the dark guilds forces so large they will crawl back to whatever hell hole they came from, and die slowly!" I say full of hurt, and anger," But I'm not even strong enough to save my own guild, or my friends. I think what I will do for now, is get stronger, find someone stronger than me. Have them teach me if I can, if not train with them until I can beat them, then move on to the next level. I'm going to bring the Pride back into the Flaming west guild! Even if I have to do it without Jaden, and Cruza."

"Very ambitious, but I was thinking more along the lines of the next 10 minutes. Also Apex don't try blaming yourself for the losses there is only so much one man can do,  and it was definetly not like everyone was expecting you to protect them all."

" I know, but.......... I know I can be stronger I just don't know where that strength is right now." I reply.


The End

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