Morrigan meet's a odd Person

Morrigan left the guild early to get past all of the busy people who woke up around six.

She shoved her sythe in her belt hood as she slowly walked out. She blinked as she had a look at all of the happy birds fluttering about.

Morrigan wished she could be as free as a bluebird. But she was granted the name of a crow. A child who's fate lay with nemocracy. She shook her head, clearing her mind of all thoughts of being free. She belonged to a guild; therefore she did not have the choice to be free.

A fat, fluffy bird flew close to the girl. Morrigan whipped out her sythe, popping it open and holding at the strange birds throat. But the bird did not flee as fast as it could like any other would. It flew about and around her Reapers Sythe, cawing and squaking.

She shook her head at the stupid bird, putting away her weapon.

It cawed again, moving closer to the sythe. She realised why. It was glowing a eerie purple. There was a fight that needed to be dealt with.

Morrigan made the ground surge up from underneath her; she spied a strange looking person walking through the woods. There was no distinct gender she could work out. It had weird long arms and strange coloured skin.

It was walking right for Echo Falls.

She powdered the ground beneath her; landing with a low thud.

It appeared through the tree's, it spotted her and sauntered up towards her. Morrigan flipped out her sythe.

'Oh my! I don't mean any harm!' It cried out, waving it's hands around. Morrigan frowned at this new being. It was the oddest thing she had ever seen.

It's arms hung below it's knees, it's skin glowed a odd green, it had hair in a black mo-hawk and it looked like a male but it still dressed like a women.

'I'm here because I wish to join this guild, can I enter?' It asked,  Morrigan pursed her lips then shook her head, her green hair bobbed up and down, 'oh. Well what your name? Mine's Y'turo Kljah Ghrou Du'Ish'Bqualv!'

Morrigan's expression remained placid. The she shook her head once more.

'Oh! I've heard about you! Your Morrigan, the 'Silent Princess'?' It asked. Morrigan nodded, 'do you not talk at all?' shake. 'Can I enter this guild if you go with me?' Shake. 'Please, please, please can I join this guild. I really need to try join one.

Morrigan thought about it for a second, then nodded slowly. Putting her sythe back in her belt loop. She stepped aside and pointed in the direction of the entrance.

'Thankyou! You should really try talking sometime. You wont get far in life being silent.' Y'turo told her. Smiling.

She nodded and waved as she walked away, wondering what that person was.

The End

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