Guild destruction



It was the middle of the night as alarm bells went off. Shouting came, as screams of pain, and suffering shook the night air. I ripped the covers off my tired body, and quickly put my clothing on, and grabbing my oversized blade hooking it to my back, as I jump out my window.  The guild was under attack as dark guild members killed all that stood in their way. No mercy was shown as young children fled, to no avail. My teeth cringed, I hated cowards, and I hated those who attacked the innocent. I charge into the battle grabbing the hand of a dark mage who was about to crush the life of an apprentice. I kicked him hard in the chest.

"Flaming Pillar!" I yell my hands planted on his chest as a whirlwind of flames blasted the mage into the afterlife. More came as more and more wizards came to hold their ground against the dark guilds forces, even with our most skilled fighting with everything we've got we found ourselves outnumbered. I had transformed much of my body to a fire demons, when we decided to retreat. Anger filled my veins my only place to call my home was being destroyed, and these horrible wizards were winning.  Why had no one come to our aid? Why am I not strong enough to drive them off? Why did so many have to die?

In one last attempt at victory I did a full transformation into the dragon of the deep earthen fires. My breath carried my wrath, as my nails clawed the earths ground deep flaming trenches. I had covered everyone escape, but had not succeeding in changing the tides of battle. I too retreated like a coward.

When we reached safety my Magic had run out, I transformed back to normal only to collapse under the pain of losing so many friends, my home, and also the effects of using all my magic that I had. As my vision faded, I swore two things, to get stronger, and never to back down ever again.

The End

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