The Lonely Princess

Morrigan had always been a quiet, yet intelligent child. But no one, no one at all expected her to reach the ranking of a Master at the age of 10. By the time she was 14 she was one of the most respected, feared and loved mages in Echo Falls.

Morrigan stared blankly at the butterfly which fluttered past her face. Her expression went from calm to a little angry. She whipped her Reapers Sythe from her pinstriped jeans belt loop. Her aim her perfect the sliced the butterfly clean in two.

Her expression went placid once more. She made no noise, not one breath could be heard. Ever since her trainer and father died when she three, she had barely uttered one word yet she was able to pass all her classes swiftly without even breaking a sweat.

'Morrigan. The leader of the guild wishes to give you a mission.' A boy of a lower rank than her told her in a bored voice. Her head whipped around and the ground surged up, shackling the boy. This was one of her amazing powers: organic puppetry.

She saw he was not a threat and let the dirt crumble away, the boy raised his eyebrows and smiled weakly at her. She nodded at him departed.

Morrigan found Echo Falls leader at a small pond filled with koi fish.

She waited behind him for a good five minutes, without making a noise. He turned around and jumped, 'how long were you there, Morrigan?' He gasped, catching his breath.

She shook her head. Still reluctant to talk.

'Anyway, I have a sacred artifact that I need delivering to a certain mage who goes by the name of 'The Black Knight.' It's a magical sword with great power and he was bought it from us. Morrigan, you understand you may need to talk on this mission.' Leader informed her.

Morrigan shook her head and her expression still remained still and stone-like. He sighed and trusted a box into her hands.

'Please deliver it by the end of the week. You may need to stop at other guilds to sleep, they will welcome you. But do deliver it safely. It's important.'He sighed, patting her hand and standing up.

Morrigan also stood up from her sitting position and brushed the dust from her vibrant red hoodie and stripy jeans. Her dull green hair bobbed up and down as she did so.

Morrigan nodded once more and departed. In the name of the dagger and hand, I will complete this mission. Morrigan whispered in her head, her voice was quiet and hushed. No one was supposed to find out her real voice, and they never would.

The End

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