The Black Knight

Alexander sat on a rock in a grassy plain, thinking to himself. He had removed his helmet so he could see the landscape around him much more clearly. It was a beautiful expanse of grass, the wind causing it to wave like a green sea. He sighed happily.

Moments like these were rare for him. He was often on the battlefield, and he saw the devastation of war firsthand. Those were the only times when he fulfilled his purpose as the Knight of Darkness, or "The Black Knight" as he was often referred to as due to the color of his armor. He had the powers of a dark mage, but they weren't a natural ability of his. Rather, every time he cast dark spells, his body felt weaker afterward. Not that it decreased his endurance by a large amount. Still, he had to be careful when he cast his spells. He refused to use them against an entire army unless absolutely necessary. He reserved his magic for worthy opponents, duels to the death. Some may consider this dirty tricks, but in his mind, if it's a duel to the death, why concern yourself with playing fair? It's about survival, not making friends.

A smile flashed across his face for a moment. A warm smile that people would never see. He had to look tough and imposing. He had to strike fear in his enemies. It was who he was... for he was the Black Knight.

Alexander shook his head when he saw a few dark mages wandering around the forest a few miles away. He stood up, put his helmet back on, drew his sword, and marched alone. This was what he was made to do... may as well get used to the fact... maybe even enjoy it.

The End

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