Morrigan's Bio(whoops)

I'm putting it in the chapter because it's being stupid when I comment it :p

Name: Morrigan

Age: 14

Appearence: Has dull green hair, in a bob with two elbow-long strands at the front. She has one bright red eye, one bright green. Wears a bright red hoodie, and black and white pinstriped jeans{like beetlejuice's :p), has a tattoo of a dagger going through a hand(the Echo Falls logo), wears plain black ballet pumps. Has a baton which can transform into a 'reapers sythe' with a special word, she wears with on her belt.

Personality: Quiet, doesn't socialise at all, ruthless, fights anyone who insults her or her guild, doesn't waste time talking, she just gets on with the task.

Powers:  justsu, nemocracy, organic puppetry.

Guild: Echo Falls{black and white}

OTHER: Even though she's only 14, because of her harsh training she one of the most feared Master Ranked in the guild.

The End

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