Wizards' War

Every wizards' guild has been attacked and overrun by dark wizards but, as there are rivalries between guilds, will they team together to defeat them? Or will they simply join them?


My necklace was glowing. I had another battle. I sigh, and pause my music then get up and walk to the door. Going out, I pull out my mysterious-blue necklace, and see where it leads me. It's started blinking, so I change my direction, heading towards the courtyard. Then it stops. I was in the middle of the courtyard, yet again, my last 3 battles were all here aswell.

I get my mind set and soon a boy comes out of a door. The Spell-Creating door, eh? Well, that's my strong point so he'd better watch out! I think, a small smile creeping on to my face. He walks up to me,

"So, you're Karianna Sharp then. You're different to how I imagined you."

"Yes, I am. How did you imagine me then? Oh, so you're Glaze Rhian, I suppose." I say calmly.

"Well, I thought of you as a strong athletic girl, with a talent for magic. And of course it's me - who else would a guy like me be?" He taunts me.

"Oh, so I'm not strong or athletic then? Boy, are you gonna be surprised!" I answer, laughing lightly. As a reply he thrusts his hands out, creating a gust of wind heading in my direction. I was ready so hastily push my hands to the right. The wind goes off into the lake and, as it does, I mutter a few words so that he's thrown on to the grass. A shocked look on his face, I speed over to him and turn my hand round, which made his hands twist together until they merge into one. My favourite spell. I smile and step back surveying my work. I laugh when I see his face - a shocked and scared look, mixed in with confusion.

I walk away, leaving him on the floor. Another battle won, and many more to come!

The End

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