A Chilling Elegy

Alastor watched from a distance as the so called "heroes" attempted to regather their strength, a smile spread across his face. They were all pathetic. Nothing but insignificant insects compared to him. Even those who worked with him were only tools towards his ultimate goal... the utter destruction of his sister, Aria.

But what to do after that? He thought about it some more, when a voice echoed in his mind. "Having delusions of grandeur, are we, Alastor?"

"Joseph..." Alastor said the name with a mixture of both reverence and contempt. "What do you want?"

"I just thought I would inform you that the limiter bracelets you fashioned for Chase have been destroyed. I am unimpressed with your shoddy workmanship."

"I had no records to go on. You expect me to craft a device that limits the power output of an individual without any data to serve as a basis? You're even more demented than I thought you were." Alastor smiled to himself. He may be Joseph's servant, but he had plans of his own. He had no fear for Joseph as the others did. He saw Joseph as a means to an end, regardless of how more powerful he was than him.

"Was it not I who gave you this chance for revenge against your sister? Such insolence would not go unpunished if you weren't one of my most effective warriors."

"I am honored that you think so highly of me," Alastor responded. "So, what do you want me to do? Looks like I have some time before the White Mage wakes up from her pity party and heals my sister."

"Find Chase and recapture him."

"Wasn't that Mariku's job? Let him soak up this oil spill."

"Mariku has gone a different path now."

"Hmph. Fine. But I will need time to study his power first if you want the limiters to be successful in restraining his power."

"Very well. But remember, I expect to see results."

Alastor smiled. "And you shall have them."

The End

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