An escape with high prices



The restraints came off but the bracelets were still on. The person looked familiar to me, but I couldn't quite place where I had seen him before. Maybe it was because he looked like someone put him through a meat grinder. 

"So whats the point in saving me, since your are from the cult of seto aren't you?" I ask, wishing I didn't feel so weak at the moment but I was powerless to oppose anyone wishes with these things on. I got up breathing heavily.  He opened his mouth to reply but there was sounds of foot prints and the wall exploded with a strong magic.

"We have to leave." He said appearing behind me. I nodded as he made his own exit through another wall. We both ran as countless attacks narrowly missed us, I turned and gathered energy, the braclets began to heat up, the strange man who was helping escape turned and began blasting the enemies away quickly but only more came. My arms began to burn in pain, something slices through my right shoulder. Breaking my concentration slightly, but I focus back on breaking these things with even stronger resolve. The bracelets were consumed in a bright light, my arms felt like they were going to be incinerated in the heat. I screamed.

"What are you doing?" The man asked.

I screamed even more in response as I could here the bracelets go into a pitched whine. I then tried to make a wormhole in the bracelet to perhaps confuse the machinery inside it. However something different happened a silver wormhole opened up shredding the device as if it was like a saw, it expanded to the bracelet on my other arm blowing it up. I never thought wormholes alone were able to destroy physical matter. But at the moment I didn't care as I let it grow causing static electricity. Time seemed to slow as I let it grow to the size of twenty feet. Anyone who got to near would be vaporized by lightning or cut to ribbons by the wormhole. Now what? I thought.  Then something insane came to mind as I clenched my fist the silver wormhole collapsed focusing itself into a small strong wormhole, with a concentrated amount of lightning hovering just in front of it.  I forced wind through it so strong the floor shook, and unstable architecture was obliterated.

Was that me or the other guy? I looked at him, and  he was to far away from me to have made that destruction. I brought my left hand over my right hand adding energy to the strange wormhole it grew in size again but I contained it this time. The ground below me began to tear apart from the force as a downward pressure came down upon us all. I charged the wormhole morphed into a gauntlet that surrounded my hand. It was a strange sensation but yet it felt so natural as easily blasted my opponents with wind.  The surface of my arm began shooting off a multitude of spells an elements. I found my self quickly out of energy as we retreated, and I couldn't make the strange wormhole go back.  I dropped to the ground unconscious from the drain.

The End

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